Sangria Jug Delivery

  • Raspberry Blush Sangria: Our newest to the bunch! This fresh blend is made with Raspberry wine, Raspberry, Citrus, Blush wine & white wine + a touch of cranberry. Try it out before we retire it for the summer! 

  • Peach Mango Sangria: a summer top seller! This sangria has been compared to "Peach O's". A fresh blend of white wines, peach & mango...Can you tell we love the Sweet Summer time?

  • Bahama Mama Sangria: Made with white wines, orange, pineapple, Mango, coconut & grenade; this sangria is island inspired. Perfect for a "Staycation" or to take to the lake! 

  • Berry Happy Sangria- Our forever true Sangria. Dry reds, sweet reds, concord & raspberry with a touch of citrus. This one is our year-round crowd pleaser.