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Sangria Jug Delivery

The Fall gang is all here! 

  • Berry Happy Sangria- our year round "staple" this one put us on the map! Our crowd pleaser. The perfect blend of sweet & dry red wines. You'll taste hints of raspberry, concord & citrus. 

  • Caramel Apple Sangria- The 4-year Fall Favorite. Dry whites, Apple, Cider + Caramel notes make this an easy sipper. Throw in a crockpot for a warm treat or enjoy over drizzled caramel & ice. 

  • Fall Mimosa- For those dreamy slow Saturday mornings. Cranberry, Citrus, Apple & White wines. Enjoy any time of the day. 

  • Poison Berry Sangria- Only available in late September & the month of October leading up to Halloween! Delicious hints of raspberry, strawberry, blackberry & concord with a magical shimmer effect! 

Sangria Jugs with rainbow.jpg
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