Sangria Jug Delivery

  • Peach Cobbler Sangria- This sangria is as delicious as it sounds. Cinnamon, Peach + Pastry flavors balanced perfectly with Sweet + Dry White Wines. This is our November dessert in a glass 'gria! Crisp, Sweet & full of flavor.

  • Cranberry Saucy Sangria- We all have that one relative who brings the best alcoholic beverages to Family Thanksgiving- Here is your chance to be the "fun" one! Cranberry Saucy speaks for itself. Cranberry wine + Sweet Red Wine + Dry red wine. Sweetness with the perfect blend of tart. 

  • Apple Crisp Sangria- We just can't kick our apple cravings! Made with Apple & Dry White Wine, this sangria sure does go down smooth on Turkey day. 

  • Berry Happy Sangria- Our forever true Sangria. Dry reds, sweet reds, concord & raspberry with a touch of citrus. This one is our year round crowd pleaser. 

Sangria Jugs with rainbow.jpg